Parents who intend to withdraw their child/children are requested to fill out the online ‘Transfer Certificate Application’ available on the parent portal.

Application for the Transfer Certificate should be submitted before the commencement of each term or as specified in the school circulars. Failing to which, an appropriate amount as per the school policy will be charged prior to the issuance of TC.

Parents who are applying for the internal transfers (changing school within Abu Dhabi) are requested to support the TC with ‘No objection’ certificate from the prospective school without which internal transfer will not be processed.

Transfer certificate will not be issued until all dues of the school are settled including the transportation fees.

During the course of the year, TC will be processed on the date specified by the parent on the request form. In case of promotional TC (issued at the end of the academic year), it will be processed only after ADEK approves the promotion which is generally by mid of April.

Verbal information regarding the discontinuation of the child will not be considered for the issuance of TC. All related information regarding the discontinuation of the student should be addressed officially through email to / info only.

The school has the authority to issue the TC on the following grounds :

  • Disciplinary concerns.
  • Unsatisfactory progress in academics.
  • Absence from school for a period of 15 continuous days without the prior permission of the school authorities.