School Rules

Dressing etiquette for the students:
  • Girls are not allowed to wear fancy wrist watches, hair clips, jewellery, nail polish, anklets and henna.
  • No other form of footwear other than the pattern presented under school uniform will be allowed.
  • Students who wish to wear coloured clothes on their birthdays, should come neatly dressed in simple decent clothes respecting the culture of the county we live in.
  • Grade 1 to 4 girls are allowed to wear only white coloured socks / stockings.
  • Girls who wear scarfs can only wear black coloured scarfs.
  • Jazzy school bags should be avoided.
  • Students of grades 5 to 12 should wear their blazers along with the regular uniform.
  • Students of grades 5 to 12 are allowed to wear the winter jacket which is provided by the school only with the sports uniform.
  • Students are not allowed to carry any electronic items, mobile phones etc. If found, these items will be confiscated immediately.

Hair accessories for :

  • KG. to Grade 4 girls: Red hair bands/ red clips / red rubber bands.
  • Grade 5 to Grade 12 girls: Black hair bands/ black clips/ black rubber bands.
  • Boys should come to school with a decent haircut.
  • Students are not allowed to dye or streak their hair.
School Code:

Students are expected to be on time to school everyday. Regular attendance and punctuality to school is emphasized on.

Students are expected to come in clean and neatly pressed school uniform.

  • All students are expected to wear the school ID card every day.
  • Care should be taken of the school property. Students are liable to make good all the damages they cause to school property.
  • Use of abusive language and misbehavior with classmates / schoolmates will call for strict disciplinary action.
  • Students are discouraged from offering presents to their teachers except those sanctioned by the Principal.
  • Students are not allowed to receive visitors in school. They are not allowed to make or attend to phone calls unless the school deems it necessary.
  • Aggressive behavior / use of physical violence like pushing, kicking, hitting etc is prohibited.
  • Students are not allowed to indulge in any kind of unfair means during assessments.
  • Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the school for students. Students using the mobile phones will ve accountable for the consequences and the phone will be confiscated.
  • Students are prohibited from bringing cameras, CD’s, I pads, slam books, picture magazines, comics & video tapes.
  • Students cannot change their clothes or shoes without specific permission from the class teacher .
Leave Policy:
  • Students are expected to put in 95% of attendance.
  • Any leave of absence from the school needs to be submitted to the Principal in writing, indicating the section of the child and the reason for the leave of absence.
  • The student must also present a leave note from parents when she/he returns to the school. Medical certificates must always be produced for illness exceeding three days.
  • Students will not be exempted from PE or games unless and until a valid doctor’s certificate accompanied by the parents appeal is submitted to and approved by the Principal.
  • During school hours, if a student needs to leave the school campus, she/ he must procure a written note from the Principal and the class teacher. No student is allowed to leave the school premises unless accompanied by the parent / guardian.
  • Students should abide by the holidays as granted by the school and not prolong vacations and holidays without urgent need. Attendance on the opening day and closing day of every term is compulsory.
  • Students name will be stuck off the rolls for any unaccounted absence from school.
  • Leave application for serious sickness or any other crucial need must reach the school office prior to the opening day.
  • Any correspondence with the school should be addressed to the Principal.
  • The full name of the child along with the class, section and GR no. should be included in the letters.