Teaching & learning principles

At Bright Riders School, the team is committed to providing a positive, professional learning environment, to help students achieve to the best of their abilities. The offered syllabus ensures accessibility for all students, and to promote skill development in all areas—learning, personal and social.

Guiding principles

  • Students learn in safe, respectful learning environments
  • The academic program is of the highest standard, meeting the expectations of students, parents, and governing bodies (School Board, ADEK, CBSE)
  • Teachers use differentiated teaching strategies to respond to the range of students’ abilities within the classroom
  • Whole-school alignment of pedagogy is expected and monitored, to ensure consistency across grades and curriculum areas
  • Parents, and the wider community, are important partners and allies, in broadening access to resources and opportunities for rich learning experiences, and supporting student development

Our aims

  • To provide a world-class education, within an environment that combines Indian cultural values and experiences with local and global learning opportunities and standards
  • To incorporate student-centered pedagogy and formative assessment practices
  • To enable students to develop knowledge and acquire educational credentials that maximize their choices upon graduation-whether local or international
  • To enable students to become confident, independent learners
  • To develop and inspire a lifelong love of learning in our students
  • To develop students’ self-respect, and show respect for all cultures and the integrity of all individuals
  • To monitor students’ academic progress within a cycle of continual improvement
  • To develop students’ values and skills, and monitor their personal development
  • To establish positive community relationships and links to external systems of support.