The superbly well stocked library houses a vast collection of books, digital sources, resources and information on a wide range of topics. The endeavor is on inculcating the reading habit in children, giving a free rein to their imagination and stimulating their minds in a comfortable and conducive ambience. The Reference Section supports the curriculum and beyond. The sophisticated digital Library [e-library] section is in response to the need of the times to expand the horizons of learning beyond limits.

Bright Riders School has individual libraries for the junior and senior classes The total number of books for both the libraries is a whopping 15,000 with the number increasing with each passing day. The libraries have sections ranging from textbooks and reference books to fiction and general knowledge. Since the school aims at making learning a fun process, there is an assortment of books and magazines available on general topics and separate sections for hobby-related books, books on travel, animal care, short stories, drama, poetry, general knowledge and other topics.

The Collection:

The vast collection of over 15,000 volumes mainly comprises textbooks, reference books, fiction titles, periodicals and audiovisual material like multimedia CDs, DVD’s and Blue ray disc.


Syllabus-based textbooks from different authors help the students to study on their own in greater detail and also help the teachers to access more information on any given topic.


In the genre of fiction well known titles by leading authors are available for the students.

Reference books:

A collection of nearly 2000 titles inclusive of encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, thesaurus etc. are available to the students as well as the teachers for their day to day teaching and assignment work.


The library subscribes to nearly 20 periodicals, children’s magazines as well as subject-based journals for use by students and teachers alike.

Teachers’ Resources:

Reference books providing assistance to the teachers in preparing their study material and worksheets are available in the school library.

Audio Visual Materials:

Many CD’s comprising nursery rhymes, storytelling aids and other titles for primary classes are available for the teachers. The faculty members also use subject based CD’s in science as well as mathematics as an aid to their classroom teaching. Globes, geometry boxes, large sized books and flap books are the other teaching aids stocked in the library.