Discipline Committee

Discipline is a key value instilled at BRS. In every area of school life discipline is a factor that is most emphasized. Care is taken to ensure that students do not flaunt the school rules regarding the uniform. They are required to adhere strictly to the dress code during summer, winter, PE days etc. Discipline is also enforced in the matter of hair styles. Colouring and streaking of hair is strictly prohibited.

Students are required to move in an orderly manner when moving to other classrooms between periods. Similar behavior is expected of them at the time of arrival at school during the break and at the time of during dispersal.

There is a round the clock check by teachers, the sports faculty, the security personnel and the school student’s council. All the teachers are put on duty roster on rotation basis to ensure safety of the students at all times.

During school hours the students are sent to the library, games and the swimming   pool areas in an orderly manner escorted by teachers or nannies.

Students are also required maintain discipline in the buses and care is taken to seat them at the appropriate places. Students are advised to refrain from using abusive language and to be polite and courteous while addressing their teachers, the other school staff as well as their peers.

The Discipline Committee consists of members of the Sports Department.

Bright Riders School has evolved a full-fledged policy to enforce the system of Discipline in all areas of student life, with special emphasis on student behavior and conduct. BRS expects all its students to comply with the rules and regulations of the school.

The discipline committee consists of 5 members that include Vice Principal, Academic Supervisors and Activity Coordinators.