Admissions open for the academic year 2019-2020 in Bright Riders School, Dubai. For details contact 04 8237444.


Grade 4 to Grade 11 online admission registeration for 2018-2019

Click here for the online registration link.

After successful submission of the online registration form, parents will be contacted by the school whenever the vacancy arises. In such case, as a part of admission process, the applicant must undergo an entrance test prior to the admission procedure.

Portions of the entrance test are as follows:

For Grade 3 admission
For Grade 4 admission
For Grade 5 admission
For Grade 6 admission
For Grade 7 admission
For Grade 8 admission
For Grade 9 admission
For Grade 10 admission
For Grade 11 admission
For Grade 12 admission

Seats are allotted purely based on the student’s performance in the entrance test and availability of seats.

Note :

Registration does not guarantee admission.
Submission of original Emirates ID of the applicant & parents during the time of admissions is mandatory for all grades.