Investiture Ceremony (2016-17)


If  your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more  then you are a leader’  by John Quincy Adams

“Leaders are not born but are made by their experiences in life”. To inculcate the leadership qualities in students and to give them a feel of functioning of the administrative body, a school council was formed at Bright Riders School and the Investiture ceremony was held on 10/05/2016 in the School Auditorium. . It was conducted with a high degree of zeal and enthusiasm. The Investiture ceremony denotes investment of effort in grooming   leaders and the trust and confidence reposed in newly invested office bearers for the involvement of the students’ community in day to day functioning of the school, since we believe in child centric approach.  The ceremony was held with lots of enthusiasm and gusto. The Chief guest for the function was Mrs.Girija Baiju Principal of Bhavans School. The other guests who graced the function with their presence was the guest of honour Mrs.Nisha Thomas Principal, Special Care Centre, the Principal Dr. Rishikesh Padegaonkar, the Vice Principal Mr.Dilip Sharma, the Supervisors Mrs. Satyabama and Mr. Jay Sharma and Mrs Sylvia Paes, incharge, K.G. Section

It was initiated with the Quran recitation, followed by the lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries present. The motivational song was sung beautifully by our students. In the secondary sections students are nominated on the basis of discipline, academics and behavior so that they can be role models to their fellow schoolmates.

Sara and Anitha of class 12 anchored the programme. Bala Murali Krishnan (Class12) introduced the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour to the audience by reading the profile. The activity committee Presented a P.P.T which showcased the election highlights of the students council.

The Principal in his speech he expressed his gratitude to the chief guest and he thanked the parents for their co-operation and sense of responsibility. He exhorted the students to utilize the opportunity to hone their leadership skills.

There was an impressive march past by all the members of students council. Abimanyu  of class 12 A and Hridya Hariharan  of class 12 B were appointed as the Head Boy and the Head Girl respectivlty . The newly appointed council members were adorned with sashes and badges from the chief guest and the Principal. This was followed by the entire council taking the oath administered by the Chief Guest to discharge their duties with sincerity and fulfill everyone’s expectations and to be true to the posts and duties assigned to them. The Chief Guest Mrs. Girija Baiju, in her speech, emphasised the importance of discipline and being true to oneself and the school and the school. She appreciated the efforts by the school in providing opportunities to the students to shape up their personalities. She also congratulated the newly appointed  school cabinet members for their preparedness to take up responsibilities and cautioned them against allowing such responsibilities to hinder their academic duties. She asked them to use these opportunities and balance them well with academics to excel in both. The Guest of Honour Mrs Nisha Thomas congratulated the students and motivated them to work with a sense of commitment and devotion to the school.

A dance on theme of trust in God to over come all troubles formed part of the cultural item presented for the entertainment of the guest.

The Head boy and the Head girl proposed the vote of thanks and expressed their feelings of gratitude on being invested with such responsibility and promised to discharge their duties with dedication and sincerity.

The U.A.E national anthem and the Indian national anthem were sung by the school choir in accompaniment to gentle music which evoked patriotic feeling among everybody present.

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